5 awesome mobile games

5. CRS2 Racing

This is a fun drag racing game, where you can collect cars and upgrade them. I’ve built up my collection and have some really good cars, like this Ferrari 250 GTO. The game has many different live events, trials, and even a campaign.


Game Play

The game play is really good for people who don’t like the steering in other mobile racing games, all you need to do while in a race is shift at the right time to gain more speed to beat your opponent. This game can be frustrating at times with the races, this is where you need to start upgrading and tuning your car.


Upgrading and tuning

Upgrades are a basic thing in any game, but you can also fit imported parts in to your car to give them the boost they need to win more races. The parts of your car that you can upgrade is the Engine, Transmission, Turbo, Intake, Tires, Body, and Nitros. This can also still give you a headache, because if you have a really good car like the one above (my tier5 Pagani Huayra) you’ll have to pay a hefty amount of the in-game currency. One of my cars needs $150,000 just for a level 4 upgrade and the price will keep increasing. Special cars can get level 6 upgrades which are very rare, I’ve only collected two that I could use!!.

Let’s get to tuning cars which boosts there performance a lot if you set it up perfectly, you can tune Nitrous Oxide, Final Drive, and, Tire Pressure. You can see the stats of your car if you press dyno for a quick check of what’s better, like top speed, how fast you get to 60 miles per hour. Or you could press test run to test the set up your self.


The campaign in this games is fun and challenging, you must beat 5 crews a tier 1, 2 , 3, 4, and 5 crew. In each crew you must beat 5 crew members, the final one in the crew is the boss which you must beat three times (and just a tip, once you beat the boss three times you can race them once more to win there car!).

Restoring Cars

There is also another kinda mini campaign where you can restore old cars to bring them back to their original state (you can’t use theses cars in other races until you fully restore them). Once your on tier 2 and you beat the third crew member, Izzy will say that you got talent. From there you will start your restorating journey.


4. Q*bert

This cute game will make you go awww!!! As you play this jumping puzzle game. Q*bert is challenging and fast paced and its upgraded with costumes, an arcade mode, and 100 playable levels.


More Q*berts!!!

Q*bert now has 49 (and more with the VIP accesses) collectible Berts to use in the game so you can choose your style. You can unlock a few Berts by playing the levels and some you can watch ads to get. Then there are Berts you can buy with the coins you get from playing the multiple levels.

Arcade Mode

When playing arcade mode you have to keep playing the same level to get a high score. This mode really challenges you to stay alive, my high score is 7250 (which I got from three levels or four levels). Q*bert is a game that you can play to pass the time or if you want to challenge your friends to see who gets the higher score on arcade.


3. Sky

This game is the most beautiful game you could possibly play on iOS, it has an intriguing story, wonderful game play, great multiplayer, and the best graphics I’ve seen on iOS. This breathtaking game will hook you.

Game Play

This game is of course hand held and has great controls but that’s not even the best part. You can link an xbox or playstation4 DualShock controller to your phone with bluetooth and play with the controllers. This just amazes me on how much it elevates the game play to make it even more fun than it already is. The controls when doing handheld are pretty simple. When playing with a controller you use the right stick to move, left stick to look around, X to fly higher, circle to use call, triangle to view emotes and spells, square to toggle interactive, R1 (in air) to toggle fly.

The Story

The campaign is so intriguing and some-what mysterious. long story short, you’re a kid from the sky ( hence the title ) and your trying to return the stars that fell  from the sky. And your journey will take you through different parts of this beautiful world. Solving puzzles and meeting different players through your journey.

The graphics are amazing!!!


I hope when you play this game you will notice all the details in theses amazing graphics. the clouds, water, rocks, and even the birds were put into so much detail. All of this combined together make this beautiful game, the sound quality in this game is also great. You can hear the wind, birds, and the waves. All of this makes the game so peaceful and relaxes you.

Do you see that water !!

I don’t know why I like good looking water in video games, is it because it looks so real but it’s a video game. Like in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild when you see all the rivers or when you are going to Zora’s domain the water looks amazing.

Just a tiny bit scary


I know I said this game was peaceful but I didn’t say which parts weren’t. This part was challenging for me but I got through it (before dying 3 times). In the picture above is my demise, a giant evil worm that growls and has spikes, horns, and too many legs. This worm thing is actually called a dark dragon and there are a lot more than this one.



2. Minecraft

It’s the game you know and love, Minecraft. It took the world by storm when it came out on May 17 2009. It gave player endless possibilities to create or survive and now Minecraft is 10 years old and people have built magnificent worlds, creations, and levels.



In creative I love to give my myself a command block and mess with it in the game. Sure that has some set backs (stupidly giving my little brother one). If you don’t know what a command block is it’s one of the most powerful blocks in the game and helps you modify the game. It can do many things, like kill all entities (My brother) or spawn herobrine (WHY BROTHER WHY!!!).


Good old fashioned survival there to give you hard time and sometimes just ruin your day. When I play survival I like to get straight to the point chop down nearly 50 Trees, get enough cobblestone to make a stone sword and pickaxe and build shelter, and I just blast off from there. You can also connect a controller to play this game.


1. Pokémon Go

Another awesome game that got 60 million users the day it came out and now has over 800 million users. I’ve only been playing Pokémon go for three years and have good Pokémon.

More Pokémon


A few weeks ago Nitanic released gen 5 Pokémon from the Unova region. This of course includes new starters for the game, Tepig, Snivy, and Oshawott. And many more Pokémon from this region.

These are my pick for 5 mobile games, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and please comeback to my blog to read more.