How to catch a shiny in Pokémon Sun

What is a shiny ?

Shiny’s are Pokémon that are a different color, like for example one of my favorite shiny Pokémon is Lycanroc which is light blue with greenish eyes instead of being a light brown with blue eyes. Shiny hunting usually takes a minimum of 1 hour to a total of 2 hours, longer if you’re not lucky.


How to prepare

First you need a really strong Pokémon that can learn false swipe, potions, adrenaline orbs, and a lot of Poké balls. You also must decide which Pokémon you want to catch and find its area. These things are needed for finding and catching a shiny Pokémon.

Why are these items needed ?

The adrenaline orbs, potions, Poké balls, and TM’s are needed so you can last long for this hard grind. The adrenaline orbs are used to make the Pokémon keep calling for help, the false swipe is a move that damages the Pokémon but keeps it at 1 hp. And the potions of course are needed because even if you’re going up against level 4 Pokémon they will constantly be popping up and chipping away at your health.



How to do it

Find the Pokémon that you want to be a shiny, for example a rockruff. Use an adrenaline orb on the rockruff so it can call for help. Once his buddy is there hit the original one with false swipe then next turn get rid of the other Pokémon. You have to repeat this over and over until that good old shiny appears.

And this is how you catch a shiny Pokémon, my shiny lycanroc is now level 81 and knows some really good moves. Now I hope this post helps you find the shiny Pokémon that you’ve always dreamed of having.