A fast way to kill any Lynel

What is a Lynel ?

A lynel is a weird hybrid monster that can breath fire, explodes its surroundings, and has impeccable aim.  All of this combined can be very deadly, but with this article you can get rid of him quickly without losing a single heart.

How to get prepared

You’ll need about 60 arrows(Don’t use bomb arrows at ALL) which can be purchased at Kariko Village, Gerudeo Town, and most of the other villages. And you need a bow that can shoot multiple arrows at a time like a duplex bow or Lynel bow, now those are just the items. You will also need a certain armor set the barbarian helm, tunic, and leggings. This certain armor will increases your attack stat to get rid of him faster. And just in case your barbarian armor set isn’t fully upgraded to give you 60 armor, you should cook something that increases your defense against the Lynel.

Lynel locations

The location of these monsters are found North of Death Mountain, the entrance of Lanayru, and the Old Coliseum near the Great Plateau. One of the first lynels you will meet if you follow the story will be on Mount Ploymus on the mission Lynel Safari. This mission can be found by talking to the Laflat near the bridge that leads to the east reservoir and up to Ploymus Mountain.


Types of lynels

Different types of lynels have a different set of weapons some have Lynel crushers and Lynel Spears. As you progress through the game lynels will come in different varieties. Sliver lynels have savage lynel weapons which is stronger than the average lynel sword.

Red-Maned Lynels-2000 HP (Drops Lynel Sword, Crusher, Spear, and lynel bow)

Blue-Maned Lynels-3000 HP (Drops Mighty lynel Sword, Crusher, Spear, and Mighty lynel bow)

WhiteManed Lynels– 4000 Hp (Drops Savage Lynel Sword, Crusher, Spear, and Savage lynel bow)

Silver Lynels– 6000 HP (Same as the white-maned Lynel)

Gold lynels (Only found in master mode) – 7500 HP (Same as white-maned Lynel to)


What to do

To do this you got to be right in front of the Lynel, you can get close to it by gliding from a high place or you can ride a horse(or the Master cycle). Once your up close and personal with the lynel shoot him right in-between the horns above his eyes to do a critical shot. Doing a critical shot on the Lynel will make it stunned for a short time, by doing this multiple times the Lynel will stay in the same place until he is dead. I did this method and killed a sliver Lynel in 18 seconds (the strongest creature in the game).