What the Golf ? : Game review


The controls

The controls are very simple wether your playing on your Apple TV or your phone. All you need to do is pull back to launch the ball or any other weird object. Some objects like a soccer ball can be launched in one direction and can immediately be launched in an other direction. You can decide if you want to launch it at full power or gently move it to the left for more delicate challenges.




The Levels

They are whacky in so many ways, the different areas there are certain items in the level. For example one is based on explosions and one based on space. Each one more whackier than the last, every level has varying difficulty from the first one to par challenges or to do certain things other than to hit the flag pole.

Higher difficulty

If you go back to previous levels you have the choice to do par challenge or completely random ones. Par challenges give you a limited number of launches to get to your objective. Once you do the second part of one of these levels you can a third one to get a crown. The crowns are valuable because then some areas that were unavailable will now enable access to different areas.

I am unaware of how many levels there are but each one is funny and surprising in its own way.



The rating

This game is absolutely amazing it is one of the best games on apple arcade next to Grindstone and Hot lava. It definitely gets 5 stars, I hope Triband the developers make more games like What the Golf ? in the future.