Grindstone: Game review

A fun fast paced matchmaking game with different enemies and multiple levels. Find  more items and materials to help you on your adventure.

How to play

Once you get in to the first level it will start teaching you the basics. The character your playing is Jorj he can slash through multiple enemies at once, but you can only start on one color like 5 green or 6 yellow. The longer the line will result in a grindstone is used as currency in the game.

Grindstones are helpful for making long lines of monsters, find a path toward the grindstone once its in your path it will you chose any other colored monster. And once you killed enough monsters you can go to the next level, any grindstone that was not collected in the level will still be collected once you leave.

In one of the other levels monsters will start to fight back, Jorj has a totally of three lives. If you do die all loot that was collected in that level and previous ones (only if you kept continuing once you left one of the levels)


The controls

Simply slid your finger across the monsters that you want to destroy, press go and watch Jorj slash through your enemies. While on the Apple TV its a little different, you have to swipe to move were your going to attack then just press down

Once you get your first item on your phone click on it so you can use it. On the TV press the play/pause button to use one of your items. The only blueprints I know of are the first three the shield, bow and arrow, and a slash the hits all enemies within one space from Jorj.


How many levels

There are a total of 150 levels in Grindstone with different challenges in each one. Most levels require you to kill the normal enemies while some will need you to kill stronger enemies like jerks and slobs and other powerful enemies.


Grindstone is a marvelous game and I hope in the future they will release more levels and collectibles.