A new star wars battlefront update brings the Cutest hero of all

BB-8 is now a playable character in Star Wars battlefront and people say he is a beast.

Did they add someone to the dark side ?

I know that this article is about BB-8 but they also added a droid to the dark side. BB-9E this droid that reported him in the last Jedi while sneaking on to snokes ship.


What are BB-8’s abilities

A certain player says he got 96 kill streak with the new character. I hope people don’t find him op(over powered) and change this little guy.

Main ablilites

L1 Resistance backing : scramble enemies radars and reveals those that are close by, the enemies revealed will take extra damage

R1 Rolling charge : BB-8 charges forward to knock down the enemy in front of him, if blocked by the enemy they will still take damage.

L1 + R1 Cable spin : BB-8 release cables and spins around to damage enemies.

Passive abilities

Health on elimination, technical support makes BB-8 count as two units when capturing an objective. And the third ability increases the cool down speed of other nearby friendly’s.

BB-8 is a powerful little guy with a good health and just warms my heart

BB-9E abilities


Main abilities

BB-8’s counter part the evil BB-9E with devastating abilities

L1 Smoke screen : Blocks enemy vision while revealing their location on the screen

R1 charge up : BB-9E emits a pulse increasing the cool down of other players abilities and prevents his shock prod an nearby blasters to stop from over heating

L1 + R1 Shock spin : Like BB-8’s cable spin he releases a pulse to shock nearby enemies.

Passive abilities

The first two are the same as but the third passively increases nearby teammates health.

I think that these new heroes are a great addition to Star Wars Battlefront 2 and I hope in  the future more iconic heroes will be released like BB-8 and BB-9E.