What to do if you beat Botw

When I finished Botw and it put me back right before Ganon was defeated, I sat there and wondered what to do now. there are numerous things along with buying both expansion passes or beating records.

1. Find all the Korok seeds

There are more than 900 Korok seeds for you to find all over Hyrule. Korok seeds can help you to expand your inventory for bows, shields, and weapons.


2. Buy the Dlc

The dlc adds so much more including new clothing items, quests and the trial of the sword. But best of all a story that focuses on the champions of the divine beasts. It requires you to return the sheikah slate in the shrine of resurrection and it will challenge you to face the challenges the champions faced to control the given beasts.  After the story is done all of the champions blessings will recharge faster and you will receive the master cycle


3. Try to find better weapons

Go to Hyrule castle and find strong swords, shields, and bows or kill White lynels to find their weapons. The strongest sword I have found was a savage lynel sword that had 97 power.


4. Do a crazy challenge

All over the internet they’re videos of people doing crazy stunts and trying to make records. Like killing a strong lynel in a few seconds or they find different ways to speed run across the map.


5. Explore the map

You’ve probably explored the whole entire map by going to all the towers, but if you look around more closely you will see there are more treasures to be found.


6. Complete the hyrule compendium

There are multiple things for you to find that will fill the compendium. From weapons, monsters, Creatures, and consumables.

7. Finish every quest

There many quests to be completed in this game. More quests will be added to the game if the dlc is purchased

8. Collect every armor piece, weapon, and collectible

I have almost every single piece of amor in botw, the ones I don’t have can be collected through Amiibo. And there are many different horse armors and items you can find in the game

This is just a few things that could be done in botw. Try to set a record or try to find a new way to fight Ganon. And I certainly can’t wait until we get to see the sequel to this wonderful game.

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