New Nether update coming to Minecraft

This update brings three new Biomes to the nether, with new materials and mobs. But best of all new armor that is stronger than diamond!

New biomes

These new biomes include many new materials. Only one of these biomes contains a new mob

Crimson forest : A forest that is covered in a red fungi and crimson nylium. Some of the newest material called Red weeping vines and Shroomlights. This is also where you can find the new mob called a hoglin, a mob that looks like it has been based on a pig. Its unclear wether this is a passive or hostile mob.



Warped forest : Like the crimson forest except the fungi looks more of a greenish color. And the only mob that can spawn here is enderman, so this is the most passive biome in the nether


Soulsand Valley : This new biome is the mostly made out of soulsand and soulsoil, With towering Basalt pillars and Nether fossils from an unknown creature that once roamed the nether. As you can see in the picture there is not that same red flame, this biome introduces something called soul fire, which can also be used to make a soul fire lantern.



So as you can see this update adds a lot to the nether, I believe this is a much needed addition that will liven up the nether biome experience


Ancient Debris

This new block is stronger than diamond and has more knock back resistance than diamond. The process of obtaining the ingots is a long process, and it’s not like smelting normal ore.


Where to find ancient debris

This new block can be found in the lower parts of the nether, you’ll probably have to a look for it like you look for diamonds in the overworld.

How to get the ingot

It’s not as easy as it sounds, smelting the ancient debris will give you netherite scraps not ingots. To make the ingot you need four netherite scrap and four gold ingots, together this will make one netherite ingot.

How to get netherite armor and weapons

This is the easy part, all you need to do to upgrade your diamond tools and armor is put one ingot next to it and craft your netherite armor or weapon. This armor reduces knock back more than regular diamond armor. Enchanting the armor costs more than diamond but not as mush as gold costs for enchantment.


When does the nether update release

There is no fixed release date, we only know that it plans to release this year. It will probably be released with the 1.16 update. But for know all we have to do is wait.


And just a reminder, minecon will start this February on the 25 and will end in three days on the 27. During that week all my posts will be about Minecraft and talk about this years minecon.

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