How Minecraft can be more challenging

Minecraft was released on May 17, 2009 It’s been 10 years. And this game have gotten some major updates that added so much more to the game. And I absolutely love survival mode and after playing for so long its gotten easy.

How do you make it harder

Mojang in the past have added the hunger bar to give food an actual purpose, because in the beginning you could still eat food without it having any effect. But now I think it’s time that our characters need water.

Why not another bar that tells you when you’re thirsty. You can already use bottles to make potions, but why not make them a more needed item. If you don’t drink enough water and get dehydrated you will get slower and you’ll deal less damage. This could let Mojang make new items like a canteen, that contains 4 bottles of water so you can last longer while exploring.


So just add one thing and it will be harder, no. They got to add wait for it…. Temperature, a perfect way to make campfires and other heat forces more valuable. You’ll also need to find shade if you’re too hot and make the need for shelter more important. Temperature could also tie in to water temperature of lakes and oceans, if your in a lake near a snowy forest and there is some ice on the river you will get hypothermia that slowly takes away your health.


I hoped you enjoyed this blog post and just a reminder Minecon will start in a week and five days from now. And hopefully we will see many more updates to come.