Fortnite season 2 Will be available tomorrow

Now after so many delays Fortnite season 2 Chapter two will finally be released tomorrow

What are the teasers

Most of the teasers appear to be Black and gold, with other languages stating the same thing. In one of the teasers its shows that dynamite will be coming back and a bunch of other languages that mean danger into the background.


The most compelling teasers are the text messages which shows there is an operation happening on the island, something to do with an oil rig. In the background there seems to be a new area on the map showing a helipad that’s part of some complex.

And it doesn’t stop there there have been messages taking about acolytes and trying to find more recruits for the agency.


What are the map changes

We know about the oil operation that they’re doing here on the island. But this agency is most deceiving of all which one could it be E.G.O or A.L.T.E.R. Already in the beginning of this season it shows A.L.T.E.R operatives selling weapons at dirty docks, off loading more weapons and other cargo. And you have to assume that these are the bad guys


Newest battle pass skins

There have not been any confirmed release or leaks of the new seasons skins. The skins will probably connect with the story Adding the operator of this secret agency. Could this be the E.G.O leader, because we already know that the chaos agent seems to be the leader of A.L.T.E.R.


Yes its been a long time with all the delays but now we will finally get to see the second season of chapter two.