Fortnite battle pass season 2: top secret

The new battle pass is here with new skins emotes wraps and more!


What are the new skins

Like any other battle pass there are new skins to acquire if you’ve purchased the battle pass. They now give you the choice to either pick ghost or shadow, it basically lets you choose the good side or the bad. Don’t worry each skin will give you a choice you won’t have to pick once you buy the battle pass.

1. Maya: Tier 1

Once you purchase the battle pass you will immediately get this skin long with Agent peely. Maya can be customized any way you like, you can change her hairstyle color, tattoos and more.


2. Agent Peely : Tier 1

Yes peely the banana is back with a nice new suit and a license to peel


3. Brutus : Tier 25

Another new battle pass skin with shadow skin and ghost skin.



4. TnTina : Tier 40

In the trailer it shows that Tinas glider is a rocket you can ride on, the glider is called bombs away


5. Meowscles : Tier 60

Meowscles is just a weird body building cat with pants and has a gun on his hip. So…… yeah


6. Skye : Tier 80

Skye has a bonus feature her hat and travel companion ollie, will be her glider and can become a traversal emote.


7. Midas : Tier 100

Midas one of the coolest tier 100 hundred skins I’ve seen. Midas comes with a awesome bonus feature, anything he touches will turn to gold. Like King Midas from greek mythology


8. Deadpool : secret skin

In the end of the battle pass video it shows deadpool sitting in a pile of V-bucks. And in the battle pass screen youll find a vent that leads to a bathroom were it appears to Deadpool’s hideout, with a computer that will give you challenges. Hopefully once we have completed enough missions from the computer we will acquire this new secret skin.


Those are the new battle pass skins, it still costs 950 V-bucks to purchase the battle pass. And it cots 10$ to buy 1000 V-bucks. Enjoy the new battle pass and maybe if we get closer to the end of the battle pass we learn moreabout deadpool.