How to steal in Links Awakening : Switch edition

As you progress through the game more items will start appearing in the shop, like bombs and arrows. But sooner or later it lets you buy a bow and arrow set, that cots 980 Rupees. If you got a full pocket of 999 to buy the bow you would have 19 Rupees left, I don’t think so!

Can you actually steal

Yes you can, it’s the same trick used in the first Links awakening. The shop is in Mabe village, the first town you find on the island. This trick will help you get a lot of stuff for free, but once you steal all NPC’s in the game will call you thief in all caps instead of link.

Being called thief seems like a bad thing but once you go back in the shop you’ll think why would you do this. Once you enter the shop after you steal from the shopkeeper he says “I wasn’t kidding when I said pay now you will pay the ultimate price” the shopkeeper then blasts you with magic resulting in an instant GAME OVER. And I’m not kidding about the consequences, you’ve been warned.


How to do it

Save your game before you decide to steal since he’ll give you a GAME OVER with his magic fingers. Then pick the item you want to steal runaround him clockwise and run for the door, if he catches you do it once more until you successfully steal the item.


You may have to do this a couple times because the shopkeeper is constantly turning to look at you. It might take you a few tries before you steal from him, unlike the old game if you steal you are permanently banned from the shop and will always be killed. But now you can constantly be stealing any valuable item you want from the shop.


Now you can have unlimited Bombs and arrows and if that bow and arrow set becomes available, you won’t need to pay all that money.