Improvements and modifications we need in the sequel to Botw

Botw came out on March 3, 2017, three years ago and is one of the best game in the last  decade, even a good game has its flaws. Now here are the things that the sequel has to add and improve in the next game. The list will start with what we need in the sequel and as we progress down we’ll talk about little things that can be better.


1. Better weapon durability

One of the best parts in botw is the diverse weapons that you can find all over the map. All the weapons found in the game have a beautiful design and one of my favorite weapon is a Royal guard sword that has 81 power. But I can’t use it at all, its there in my house not used once, because I’m afraid of losing my powerful sword! There shouldn’t be weak weapons in the sequel, in the beginning of the game we should have already had good durability. And not just weapons but shields as well, got a new shield and gonna use to defeat a guardian. (laser blast) Your savage Lynel shield broke (Internal screaming), just like that gone!


2. Whats the purpose of stealth

If you slowly sneak behind an enemy you can execute an attack called a sneak strike. This is not helpful at all, most of the time it won’t even kill the monster you’re attacking asleep or awake. An example of this is the gerudeo stealth mission to retrieve the thunder helm, you must time each move very carefully to sneak past and trick the yiga clan. To help your self out make an elixir that improves your stealth, get to close dead.

Take the elixir and put on an armor set that gives you a stealth bonus and just in case take your weapon back in your inventory, then just climb the walls, link tries to dash to the side of the wall falls and bumps into the big dude with the wind cleaver DEAD. My brother finished this level faster than me because he killed every last Yiga clan member, on his FIRST TRY no stealth. My sympathy for those who died many times for ridiculous reasons.


3. The Yiga clan

After retrieving the thunder helm from defeating the leader they will just appear out of nowhere including the the big guys with the swords. This might not be a major problem but it’s annoying when you’re doing something or going somewhere and they just pop up.


4. The master sword

Its awesome once you get the master sword and if you purchased the DLC you’ll be able to unlock its full potential which will make the sword have 60 power all the time. Which is kinda of disappointing, I thought that the sword would be like the Hylian shield with strong durability and more attack power.

Hopefully in the sequel will see that the master sword become more powerful, or even add new features.


5. Thunder storms

It’s bad enough that when it rains it’s impossible to climb, but when there’s thunder its way more annoying. You got to take off all items that conduct electricity, and it happens way too often. Its great they’re giving us a challenge but lighting strikes that happen so often is to unrealistic for me.


I hope Nintendo takes a look at some of these problems and fixes them In the sequel. Please comment on this blog post of any more improvements you would like in the upcoming game.