CRS Racing 2 now lets you customize Legend cars

One of the first cars you get is Mustang boss 302, and immediately I want to customize it. Izzy says that I’ll have to wait for more upgrades and now those upgrades have finally come. Your now able to customize any other legend car.

Customizing you car

All legend cars that you own will now say under their name, Elite. Click and Izzy will give you a tutorial on what this does. These customizations do not come for free, this update also adds an event where you’ll be able to unlock Elite parts to unlock the new paints and liveries.

This not the only befit, as you rank up. It will reward you with giving the car more slots for upgrades and at certain ranks your car will increase in rarity. This will greatly improve any legend car you would like to customize. This is a great addition to this game.

The event

The new event is called Izzy’s back and the only car you can use is the Mustang Boss 302, the event will give you elite parts of different rarity and more parts to add to the Mustang. There is a total of 30 races in this event, it’s unclear wether there will be more events for more legend cars.

What cars can you max out

There are more than just one car you can upgrade, in the total there are 8 cars for you to max out those include.

-Ferrari 250 GTO

-Ford GT40 Mk2

-Jaguar XJ220

-Aston Martin DB5

-Ford Mustang Boss 302

-Pontiac GTO “The Judge”

-Plymouth HEMI Cuda

-Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

Max out all theses cars to win the Ford GT40 Mk2. This is one of the best updates the game has had in a while and I cant wait to see what the do in the future.