Games to play while your inside due to COVID-19

Due to this global Pandemic we are forced to stay in our homes so, why not play video games while you survive. Here’s a list of games that will help cope with our collapsing world

Pokémon Sword and Shield

In Sword and Shield there is also the addition of the wild area where there is different weather and Pokémon to find, simulating the outside. And if you haven’t had time to really start filling in the Pokédex or getting a certain Pokémon, nows the time, it’s not like your going any where right.

And if you have completely finished the game, go to the battle tower to earn BP to get items. Or get silver and gold bottle caps to Hyper train your Pokémon. This game will take up most of your time if you try to get every single Pokémon.


Go into your own world and make anything you want, let your creativity flow with this amazing game. Of course Minecraft is on this list, you can try to build giant buildings or you can go in survival for a little challenge.

Minecraft is also a multiplayer game, so you can play with friends and family. Either on PC, console, and mobile making it easy to play anywhere in your house.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

This is great game to pass the time while you’re exploring hyrule. With so many items to earn and inventory to upgrade. You can go find all 999 korok seeds to upgrade your weapon inventory, or try to fill the compendium with its assortment of weapons, creatures, ingredients, and monsters.

And if you have the DLC you’ll get another story that focuses on the Champions of the divine beasts and additional armor and items to collect. Especially with the master sword trials.


If you’re not already playing it, you can find this game to be very time consuming. Play with friends online or use the split screen to play with a family member.

There are lots of options of what you can do in this game with the battle royal and save the world mode. Or go into creative to play made levels or make your own.

Animal Crossing : New Horizons

Come to a deserted island and make your own community and even terraform your own island to shape it in your own vision.

There are so many raw materials found on your island that you can use to craft furniture, clothes, and so much more. Once your at a certain point in the game you will be able to terraform the island and create your own planned community.

I hope these games will help you pass time and take your mind off the global Pandemic. Stay safe and clean.Only go out of it is necessary.

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