No Mans Sky has mechs now

No Man’s sky has had a series of updates for new vehicles, features, and materials. And now they have added mechs. Giant robot with jetpacks. I approve 

Hello games seem to be keeping this game fresh with many new updates. The Exo mechs are the newest free update to the game. It’s unclear if they will release different Exo mechs other than the Minotaur Geobay.

What can the Mechs do

They can survive any planetary hazard just like your spaceships so you won’t have to worry about charging your Exo suit life suport. In the trailer they also seem to have a jet pack that helps them travel across the different terrains. And if you own a freighter you’ll be able to drop them down on to the planet for easy exploration. 

A inside view

The Mechs aren’t just for travel and fun, the are also equipped with a mining tool to gather materials on the planet surface. With this new update they will also added new features to the other Exo craft. Solar panels that recharge the engines of all Exo crafts and better scanners. 

Hello games have added lots of free updates to the game. Recently they adding living ships to the game and now these awesome mechs. 

Can you customize them

You can get the upgrades at the space station or at the anomaly, the update does not take long to load  if you have good internet. Once it’s done you’ll need to get all the materials to craft the components to build your Mech. 

To even get the blueprint for the Mech you’ll need to head to the anomaly. The blueprint  can be purchased in the Construction Research Terminal, It will cost you 10 salvaged data to get it. You’ll be able to pin any thing you need to see how to craft the parts for the mech. 


Hello games have tried to liven up this game and I say they have done a tremendous job. Now go into the game to see all the abilities of this mech for yourself. Please follow my blog and like my posts, comment down to suggest an gams I should review. 


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