When will we be able to catch Zarude

Zarude is a new Pokemon that Game Freak revealed a few weeks ago, and it seems that it has not yet been caught. When will this Pokemon be available? And where do you catch Zarude?

About Zarude

This new Pokemon is a Dark-Grass Type called the Rouge monkey Pokemon. Game freak has been releasing tiny bits of information about the Pokemon. Zarude live in packs anyone not in there pack will be attacked, most Pokemon stay away from Zarude in fear of being attacked.


Zarude is able to grow vines from its body to get food and heal itself. Zarude will also be features in a new and upcoming Pokemon film.

Zarude also has a signature move called Jungle healing, it is able to heal both user and the rest of your party Pokemon and heal any status condition. This Pokemon signature move is amazing or annoying if your friend has it, but that leaves one more question?

Where to find Zarude?

That’s the thing we don’t know when we will be able to catch it. Even though Game Freak revealed him no one has seen it. So when will they release Zarude? As all of you know that Pokemon Sword and Shield is getting an expansion pass the Isle of Armor and the Frozen Tundra. Is it possible that we will be able to get Zarude once Isle of armor is out?


Could Zarude be one of the additional 200+ Pokemon being added to the game? We will have to wait see if we get more information on Zarude.

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