IOI lets you have a free trial of Hit Man

Want to try something new? Well IOI is giving you a chance to try out Hit Man for free. The trial lets you play the whole first season.


Where are you able to play it?

You’ll be able to play it for free on Steam or XboxOne, the trial will only be available this weekend, this is not the Newest Hit Man. This is the first one that came out in 2017, you’ll be able to play all the levels included.


It also says in the IOI news that you should look for discounts to continue your progress from playing the game.


What is Hit Man

The Hit Man games are all about stealth and eliminating your target with out any body noticing. After every mission you receive points, if you kill Non-targets those points will be reduced. Thats not the only way for points to be reduced, you can lose them by a person finding a body (and yes this game is messed up) or everybody knows you’re a murderer.


There are multiple Missions you can do across the world, for example Paris, Colorado, and Morocco are all playable maps. In the game there can be one target or multiple ones. Or one target and you need to retrieve data or a virus. There is different difficulties for example if you play in master and kill an innocent man with a screw driver your disguise will be ruined. Now is a great time to play Hit Man if you’ve never tried it before.


I hope you try Hit Man because it is a really good game and remember that just for this weekend it is free to play so play as much as you want.

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