How to get all Geobays in No Man’s sky

These vehicles are extremely helpful for exploring, mining, and gathering materials that you need to survive. 

Where to find the Blueprints for each Geobay

They can all be found aboard the Space anomaly, go to the Construction research station between the Exosuit and Starship researcher. Before you go there you’ll first need Salvaged Data found in Buried technology modules that can be found on any planet.

Each Geobay requires a different amount of Salvaged data. And remember each of these are just the Blueprints you’ll still need to collect materials to build each one. These are the costs for each Geobay Blueprint. 

  • Nautilon 8 Salvaged Data
  • Colossus 8 Salvaged Data
  • Minutoar 10 Salvaged Data 
  • Pilgrim 10 Salvaged Data 
  • Roamer 10 Salvaged Data 
  • Nomad 12 Salvaged Data 


Once you get the blueprints you’ll need the materials to build each Geobay. Each one is different but a majority of the Geobays require the same materials. The Nomad, Colossus, Pilgrim, Roamer, and Minotaur Geobays all require that same materials. Ion batteries, metal plating, and Paraffinium. Ion Batteries can be bought at the Galactic trade terminal on the space station, and metal plating can be crafted from ferrite dust which is mined from rocks. The last one Paraffinium is a little harder to obtain. Paraffinum is a rare metal so you’ll need to mine it from deposits that you can find. 


Where to find upgrades for all Geobays

All Exocraft upgrades can also be found at the space anomaly. To purchase these upgrades you’ll need Nanites instead of Salvaged Data. These are also just the blueprints so you’ll need to install the technology and then gather all the materials to fully install any of the technology you want on the Geobay. 

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