How to start a farm in No Man’s Sky

Farming is a great way to get Units if you farm the right thing. There are lots of plants to farm but here are the ones that will you get money.

Get the essentials

First you’ll need a hydroponic tray that holds one plant or the large hydroponic tray which holds 4 plants at a time. You will also need a power source to make the trays work so whatever you’re growing keeps growing, if you’re on a freighter you’ll need to use a lot of battery’s. If you’re down on the planet use both batteries and solar panels to power both your farm and base essentials.

You can learn the Blueprints needed at the space anomaly, use your salvaged data to purchase them. If you have enough salvaged data you’ll get everything you need, but you still need more to purchase the plant you want to grow.

Before you start buying some random plant, go to the galactic trade terminal and see which one sells for more. Is it a Gravitino Ball,  Albumen Pearl, a sac of venom or something else, you need to find which one will make you the most money.

You can’t simply plant a Gravtino ball from your inventory you’ll need to make the Gravtino ball host which will available to collect every 2 hours, some other plants that you can grow take 8 hours or 45 minutes. Before you get the host you ‘ll need to get the one directly above it to gain access to the blueprint, to make it you’ll need

  1. 25 chromatic metal
  2. 25 magnetized ferrite
  3. 120 sliver

that will get you one Gravtino host to put in your tray.

Where are you going to put your farm

You can put your farm in your freighter or near your base, if you do this you’ll need a layout of your farm. If you’re on a planet you’ll have lots of room to put the trays down but still leave space for other plants you want grow.

On your freighter you need to expand it and make different sections bigger to grow your plants. The ingredients for building tray is very simple you’ll need

  1. 30 pure ferrite
  2. 20 ionized cobalt
  3. 20 carbon

That’s for the normal Hydroponic tray the large one requires

  1. 60 pure ferrite
  2. 50 ionized cobalt
  3. 50 carbon

Powering it all

If you have a large farm you need lots of power to run it. Yes you can use a few batteries but you’ll probably need way more since the trays will need a certain amount of power. A normal tray will use 5kPs if you use these on your farm and have 50 of them you’ll need to generate 250 power.

And the large trays that can grow 4 at a time use 20kPs, that’s just one if you have 50 of these you need 1000kPs to power them all but its worth it because if you use the large ones you grow 200 plants at a time.Your base or freighter will need to be expanded but it will all be worth It once you have so many units.

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