Pokemon Masters new update

The newest update in pokemon masters adds three new Pokemon, the three originals Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. Befriend and eventually evolve your newest companions. But before you battle with them, you’ll need to hatch them from an egg.

How do you get the eggs

This part is very simple. Just open the game, and it will tell you that the game requires an update. Once the update is done you will be greeted by Professor Bellis. She will give you a choice to pick either one of the Kanto starters.

I chose Squirtle because I already have a Sync pair with Charizard so I chose the water type. You’ll need to battle at least 5 times for the egg to hatch.


Once it hatches you’ll be able to give it a Nickname. The professor will also give you a berry tart that increases the affinity of the pokemon. I immediately went to level up my newest sync pair, and noticed that the can reach a max level of 115. Sadly you cant unlock more level caps for pokemon hatched from eggs.

Are there more eggs with different pokemon?

These are the only Pokemon you can get from eggs right now, but the Pokemon master’s team says that there will be more eggs with different pokemon coming soon. We will most likely see more Starter pokemon joining us in the future.

Please comment down below if you’ve tried this new update and what you think about if they add more Sync pairs.

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