Animal Crossing New Horizons game review

Since its release, it has taken the world by storm. Loved by adults and children alike, letting you relax and have fun with friends or family. Let us start with what I wanted to know before buying the game.


How much will it cost?

Well, you might not be able to find the game in-stores, due to I don’t know a global pandemic. But you can still easily download the game from Eshop on your Nintendo Switch. It’s a total cost of 60$. If you do not own a Nintendo Switch, this will be difficult. Nintendo Switch stock has decreased, while the price has increased.

Warning: the price for the Switch is a total of 300$ to 900$, while the Switch Lite has gone from 199$ to 300$. Look for your self you’ll see so many different prices for bundles or just the console itself.


Is it fun?

I’m new to Animal crossing. So when I first heard about this new game, I was skeptical. I found a Nintendo direct explaining the game and all of its features. I couldn’t stop thinking of the game. There is so much you can do. You could buy a house, decorate the walls, floors and place down your furniture wherever you’d like.

Plant down flowers that you found or bought and start your garden. Find and catch all the astonishing fish and bugs all around your island. Play enough to unlock terraforming, change the shape of your island.

Invite new villagers to come live on your island, keep expanding and shape your island how you want. Overall it’s a great game, but if you do get this game. One Switch system means one island whoever plays first will name and create the island. If anyone else plays on a different file, they will not get there own island but live on yours.



Multiplayer features

If you have friends that play, you can invite them to come to your island or go to theirs. Up to 4 people can play at the same time on the same Switch. Take turns being the leader doing what you want to do.

Playing with friends is easy and simplistic. Online play will let a total of 8 players be together on the same island.


Animal Crossing gets 5/5 stars. It’s a relaxing game fit for anyone who wants to play. Letting you have fun inside due to the pandemic, also helping stay close to family or friends far away. Comment down below if you’ve played and tell me what you think?

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