Mirage gets upgraded in the new season

Mirage, the holographic trickster, gets even better with this new season. All the other legends are tweaked. But Mirage has been upgraded tremendously.

What’s new?

Passive: Now you see me

His Passive ability still does the same thing. But now, when respawning a teammate, you will become fully cloaked from any enemies. The same thing goes for reviving a teammate. Both of you will be cloaked, once done reiving you will uncloak.

Tactical: Psyche out

This where things get crazy, instead of making the decoy keep running or standing in front of the wall, you will now be able to direct where the decoy goes. It will copy your every movement making it harder to tell if its a fake or not. The decoy will now last for 60 seconds. You can not have two decoys out at the same time.

Ultimate: Life of the party 

Just like his tactical but instead of sending out one decoy you make 6 more appear. Mirage can also take control of these, confusing the enemy squad.

And because of this update. I’ve been seeing a lot more players chose mirage. This update came with the new season. You can still buy the battle pass for 950 apex coins. While the premium battle pass costs 2,800 Apex coins to get 25 extra tiers. Comment down below if you think mirages is better or worse.

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