Chapter 2 season 3 is here!

After a long wait, we finally get to see the new season battle pass and map changes. New features and more


How much does the battle pass cost? 

LIke oast battle pass they only cost 950 v-bucks, if you do buy the battle pass you could earn 1500 more v-bucks. 

Map changes 

Now, most of the map is flooded adding lots of new place’s but some parts of the map are untouched. Lazy lake, Misty meadows, and retail row are still the same. 

New skins 

In the Battle pass video, it previewed some of the newest skins. And this season’s secret skin seems to be nonother than aqua man. Completing challenges over the weeks you’ll get closer to unlocking the skin.

The first two skins you get are Ocean and Fade, just like the Aquaman skin you’ll be able to unlock different styles throughout the season. here are the other skins and when you will unlock them

Ocean and Fade tier 1

Scuba Jonesy tier 20

Jules tier 40

Voyager (A extra style option for fade) tier 50 

Kit tier 60 

Siona tier 80 

Eternal Knight tier 100 

Masked (A extra style option for fade) tier 100 

And just by playing you’ll earn XP, and all week one challenge’s give 35,000 XP 

Where are the cars? 

The cars are not yet in the game we may have to wait until they are added later in the season. Probably when most of the water has drained away. Just like helicopters last season. But Epic games put something else in the game to preocupy us. Because of the high water sharks are found around the map. And with the aid of a fishing rod, you’re able to ride the shark. These sharks also hold loot so if don’t want to ride you could get some good loot.



Comment down below what you think about the new Battle Pass.

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