Hyper scape free to download right now

Ubisoft’s newest battle Royale game is now free to play on more platform’s.

Hyper scape allow you to have abilities called hacks. And since this is the first season of hyper scape they are adding a new weapon and a new hack.

The new weapon is called the Dragonfly a new silent semi auto rifle. They have also introduced the new hack called magnet, which will pull any enemies within range. This are only the new features there many more I haven’t gotten to Those are just the new ones, there are many more weapons to chose from.

Weapons and their features

There is a total of 11 weapons, the best part is that if you find another one you will be able to fuse to improve the weapon. Like magazine size and damage.

There are mini guns, assault rifles, sniper, and many other weapons to chose from.


This hacks are very helpful if you now how to use them. Here are all the list of hacks.

  • Teleport
  • Ball
  • Wall
  • Invisibllty
  • Slam
  • Magnet
  • Reveal
  • Heal
  • Armor
  • Shockwave
  • Mine

The coolest part is that you can have two hacks at a time so chose two that fits your needs. There are so many ways to utilize this hacks, I personally like slam and wall. Jump up real an put the wall right below my feet and boom. The perfect sniper spot.

Overall I have really good thoughts on this game easy enough for you to play if you choose we’re you land. But it’s still really hard to try and survive. Comment down below and tell me what you think about hyper scape