Genshin Impact comparison to Breath of the Wild

On September 28, 2020, Genshin impact did release on multiple platforms IOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and PS4. But compared to the breath of the wild, which is better? 

Similarities and Differences 

It’s hard to say both these games are very satisfying. What Genshin really takes from BOTW is the elemental aspect. Instead of having elemental weapons, you have abilities. And it doesn’t stop at Ice, Electric, or Fire. It continues with Wind, Earth, Nature, and Water. With this, there are so many combinations you can combine. There’s Nature and Fire, which deals damage over time. BOTW still is amazing utilizing the parry’s and dodging. 

They are both also very great open-world maps. But I can’t say much I’ve only unlocked a few parts of the map.  

How Genshin Impact separates from BOTW is character selection. This connects to the battle mechanics. Different characters have different elements. Switching mid-battle with various characters can have many effects. This game also has a lot of voice acting, already at the beginning, you’ll get more voice acting than BOTW. Better yet, there’s also a crossplay. Meaning you’ll be able to play with friends in a group of three. 

The best Genshin feature are Wishes. This system allows you to get more characters and items. But BOTW DLC still has a place in my heart along with the Master cycle. 

What hooked me 

Zelda becoming an open world was amazing. The minute I heard this game was coming out, I was all for it. This wasn’t the same with Genshin, I have been seeing so many other Stories about the game, so I decided to check it out. My first thought was grinding in almost every game I grind. There are so many things to level up Items, Characters, and Weapons. Then I also got this intriguing story of a mysterious goddess and that your from another world. 

I have only good thoughts on Genshin Impact. It might be for you or not. Comment down below if you checked it out and share your thought on the game. Tell anyone you know with a passion for gaming to go to 

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