When is Apex Legends coming to the Switch

Apex Legends released in February 2019, so it’s been over a year since its release. Respawn also stated that Apex legends Switch version will release on a later date. It’s October 2020 and, I’m starting to wonder if it will release anytime soon.

Luckily right now in-game, they are testing Beta-crossplay. That might mean it’s almost ready. The crossplay connects with PS4, Origins, Xbox One, and PC. There have been leaks that it was coming on Switch on September 15 and the beginning of October. But recently, they said that it was still in development. Could we get a Season 7 release date?

Season 6 ends on November 10, so could we be getting it early November to the Switch? Comment down below on when you think Apex legends will come to the Switch.