Apex legends Season 7

Next week Season 7 will launch on all platforms. Bringing a new map, legend, and perhaps a vehicle,

New Map

Olympus is the newest map coming to Apex Legends. And this happens to be a floating city. If you watched the Horizon story trailer, you saw some of this new terrain. We’ll probably get an abanded city similar to the world’s edge.

New Legend 

Horizon, a gravity-based character, there have been leaks on some abilities. 

  • Passive: Soft landing 

No stun on falling from a high height gain buff instead

  • Tactical: Repulsor 

displaces and or elevates nearby players

  • Ulitmate: Blackhole 

Draws in enemy players, dealing damage over time. 

That can give teams new strategies, Like a Caustic and Wattson team-up. 

While horizon herself could knock players off the edge of the map, with her tactical if these leaks prove true. 

Newest features 

They have also released a new way to travel. They are introducing a vehicle called the Trident. On the EA site, it says “Olympus is a big place. Cover more ground faster with the Trident. Plenty of room for the whole squad! ” I can already think of uses for the Trident, Getting around the map, Gaining advantage in a battle and or quickly surprising an enemy squad. Along with this, they’ll be adding clubs for you to play with like-minded players. 

And when Season 7 kicks off, you’ll be able to play on steam and cross over your progress from Origin. 

Comment down below on what you think about the article, and just a reminder Season 7 will start on November 4. 

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