February Community day event for Pokémon GO

Nexts months event will feature Roselia the thorn Pokemon. With special moves and lots of shiny’s

When does the event start

On February 7, Sunday at 11:00a.m the event will start, be sure to have an incense out to attract more Roselia to your location. And most likely the day before the event you’ll be able to claim 30 free Ultra Balls, or the community day box which includes an Elite fast TM, 4 incense, 4 super incubators , and 30 ultra balls for 1,280 PokéCoins. And Budew will be hatching from 2km eggs.

If you evolve Roselia to Roserade they’ll know the charged attack Weather ball (fire type) and the fast attack Bullet seed(grass type).

Shiny form

Shiny Roselia is one of Pokemon’s better shiny forms, instead of blue and red flowers, Roselia will have Purple and Black flowers. Their body color will be a more of a dull green. Once you evolve it into shiny Roserade their flowers will be black and pink, the colors for my blog.

Comment down below if your excited for this community day event and follow for more content.

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