Fuse abilities and character trailer released

We finally have conformation on all Fuse’s passive, tactical, and ultimate. keep reading to learn more about this new Legend.

Fuse comes form Salvo a planet ruled by warlords. He worked as a mercenary with his childhood friend Maggie, she wanted to become Salvo’s most powerful warlord, while Fuse was pulled to the arena. He fought in the Bonecage Salvo’s own bloodsport but he wanted to be on the grandest stage of all, the apex games. But once they joined the Syndicate he could finally compete, but Maggie wouldn’t let him leave with out a fight.

Passive: Grenadier

This allows Fuse to stack an extra grenade for every inventory slot, and with the help of his mechanical arm he can throw grenades faster, farther, and more accurate. This will be very deadly if equipped with an Arc star, that already are thrown farther than normal grenades.

Tactical: Knuckle Cluster

Fuse fires a cluster bomb that continuously expels airburst explosives on impact, dealing damage over time to nearby players. Most likely his tactical will able to break doors and other legend abilities. Use this in close quarters combat or surprise unassuming players.

Ultimate: The Motherlode

Launch a rocket that encircles a target area in a wall of flame. Trap or pressure other players, combine these with other legends and you could find a devastating combo.

Comment down below if you’re excited to see Fuse in season 8 of Apex Legends, and follow for more content.

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