Pokémon GO May Community day event

Another month another community day. This time featuring the cotton bird Pokémon Swablu. And once the event ends Mega Altaria in raids! Are you excited about this community day? 

Event start time 

On May 15, 2021, from 11:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m you’ll have a chance of finding a shiny Swablu. Swablu takes 400 candies to evolve, so if you’ve been trying to evolve a Swablu now is your chance. Shiny Swablu colors change from the normal being blue, while shiny is gold with the same fluffy cloud wings and the same for its evolution Altaria. 

Event features and bonuses

The Pokémon Go News, says taking snapshots will lead to an encounter, most likely being Swablu. There will also be a Community day box, this one will feature: 50 Ultra Balls, 5 super Incubators, 5 incense, and one Elite fast TM. Bonuses are 1/4 hatch distance and Incesece will last for three hours. Niantic also gives players 30 free Ultra Balls the day before the event so make sure to redeem them during or before. Swablu’s evolved during this event will know the attack Moonblast, a fairy charge attack with a base damage of 130 while 110 base damage in PVP. 

Mega Altaria raids and counters 

Once Community day is over they’ll be releasing Mega Altaria in raids. This way you’ll be able to get Mega energy to Mega evolve any Altaria that you’ve caught during the event. Use Pokémon that know strong Ice-type moves or Rock-type moves, these attacks will be effective against it since Altaria is a Dragon/flying-type Pokémon.

Are you excited about this community day event? If so leave a comment;

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