Gible Community day event announced

After so long we are finally getting a community day event featuring the Land shark Pokémon Gible! Here’s everything we know about the event. 

Event details 

Gible will be appearing more often on Sunday, June 6, 2021. And like every other community day event they will have the same hours starting at 11:00 a.m lasting till 5:00 p.m. Gible is very hard to come by in Pokémon GO, because of this it is even harder to evolve it into Garchomp. This will be a great chance for people to obtain Garchomp and power him up. 

We don’t know the featured event move for Gible, If we’re lucky it’ll be a good move that works in the GO battle league. Other than that there are no other details. Like most community days we will get a 1$ ticket for special research and a community day box with different items to help us during the event. 

Shiny Form

Gible’s shiny form was released in December of 2019. So while Gible’s were hard to come by a shiny one was impossible to find. But as you know the shiny rate will be boosted during this event I’ll be trying to catch as many as I can to find the strongest one evolve it then get the whole Gible evolutionary line Shiny as well. You’ll know when Shiny Gible appears its body will be a much brighter blue with the bottom of its jaw now yellow rather than red. 

Are you glad Gible is getting a community day? If so leave a comment. 

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