Chapter 2 Season 7 Teasers

Only a few more weeks till the next season and Epic is already dropping teasers. Hers’s all the information we have on Season 7.

Season 7 teasers 

There have been so many teasers that all point to Aliens and not just your typical Greys but this could mean the arrival of the Seven. The remaining three could be released, four out of the Seven have already been revealed. The Visitor, the Scientist, the Paradigm, and the Foundation. During the beginning of this current season, the Foundation mentions Geno and the Sisters, these could be the remaining Seven. 

Leaked skins 

So far there haven’t been any leaked skins as of yet. But until we get leaks from reliable sources take everything you see with a grain of salt. And since they’re so many Alien teasers we can expect Season 7 to be themed around Space and Aliens. 

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