Garden story: Video Game REVIEW

Last month Garden Story was released on the switch and other platforms. You can explore your cute island, meet other characters, but the best part is you are a grape named Concord.


The controls are very simple and easy to learn, this way you can learn the other mechanics while progressing through the game. For example, there are many resources in this game that can be used for completing quests, upgrading tools, and selling them to make a profit. Currency in this game can be used to buy other resources or cosmetic items for Concord. There is a day cycle in Garden Story every time you wake up you see the weather for the day as wells as quests you must complete for the day, you can have a total of 3 requests at a time. Completing quests levels up the town you’re currently in giving you more options and unlocking upgrades for tools.

And there are multiple ways to power up Concord. One of the game mechanics is called memories, equipping a certain memory will give a certain buff, like extra health or stamina. By making concord stronger you can easily do some of the boss fights in the game. But there are also really likable characters you meet by playing the game.

Should you get Garden Story?

Yes, if you like relaxing games and a good story, this is the game for you. If you want to take a break from FPS and just chill, play Garden Story. I haven’t completed the story yet but I’ve been having a good time playing.

Do you think you would like Garden Story? If so leave a comment down below

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